AZURE Data Engineer
NN Group
The Hague, Netherlands
4 dagen geleden

AZURE Data Engineer

We’re looking for an ambitious AZURE Data Engineer to help us with the set-up of the Finance Data Platform of NN-Bank.

Your impact as AZURE Data Engineer at NN

You will operate as a team member in a DevOps team working on different challenges. The team will set-up the data platform which will service multiple Biz Dev / Ops teams of NN Group (HR, Finance, Risk etc) in a standard way on a common platform native cloud (Azure).

Your responsibilities

  • As the Azure Data Engineer, you will be working in a rapidly growing Data Integration Services / Platform team
  • Support the planning and implementation of data platform services including sizing, configuration, and needs assessment
  • Design and build modern data pipelines and data streams
  • Implement effective metrics and monitoring processes
  • Who you are

  • You are an enthusiastic Azure Data engineer who is passionate about all things data integration, ETL, Data Warehousing, Data Factory
  • You provide feedback to your colleagues to support personal development.
  • You are a multi-skilled engineer
  • You are a sparring partner for the Product Owner and contribute to the roadmap- and sprint planning by defining and estimating user stories.
  • You report on progress and impediments on a daily basis to the team and support further development of the DevOps way of working and contribute in optimizing the IT-processes

    Your colleagues

    The Head Office Functions (HOF) department within the CIO division of NN Group is responsible for the application management (Dev / Ops) of all IT applications used by the different head office functions departments (i.

    e. Finance, Risk, HR, etc). In order to assure the delivery of high quality services towards our stakeholders, the HOF department is divided in three different verticals (CFO, CRO and CCO-CIO).

    Continue developing

    It is important to us that you continue to develop yourself. We give you the space and the confidence to grow in your career as well as a person. We help you with :

  • Plenty of training and learning opportunities in our Learning & Development Centre
  • A large (international) network of colleagues who are keen to share their knowledge with you
  • The autonomy to set out your own development path
  • About NN

    We help people care for what matters most to them. The world in which we live may change, but what really matters to people remains the same.

    Family, friends, love, health, home and of course work. You help to make our services more personal and relevant. As an organisation we can really make a difference with all our brands : Nationale-Nederlanden, NN Investment Partners, ABN AMRO Verzekeringen, Movir, AZL, BeFrank, Zicht and OHRA.


    This role is at the start an interim assignment. However we would like to change the contract after one year, so you could become part of the NN team as an employee.

    The freelance hourly rate is max 80 EUR.

    The Hague :

    As AZURE Data Engineer you are based in our fantastic office in The Hague. The office is located next to the A12, but is also easily accessible by public transport as well.

    To stay fit, you can also join weekly, 20-minute, intensive personal training sessions in our Fit20 studio. We make a contribution towards the cost.

    If you prefer the fresh air, you can take the tram or bike and you will be at the beach in half an hour.

    Because of coronavirus, all NN colleagues are currently working from home fully digitally. It is currently not yet clear when we can return to the office.

    The official location for this job is The Hague.

    Will you be our new interim colleague?

    If you are enthusiastic about this vacancy and think that you would be a good fit for the team at NN, we would like to invite you to apply.

    We are very keen to find out who you are, what motivates you and what you can contribute to this role at NN.

    Apply now

    If you have any questions about the vacancy or the process, let us know via mail. You can reach out to Jordi Tan via Interim

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